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Getting the best out of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is such a useful product, it practically introduces itself as you begin to research the floor covering further. With an amazing aesthetic appeal that rivals many other materials on the market, it’s an easy match for your interior decor. Further inspection, however, will reveal more of its true character in its stability, functionality, and durability. Even in some of the busiest households, it stands up well and weathers great amounts of wear and foot traffic. Most homeowners are excited to find this is a material that can easily be installed throughout the entire home.

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Laminate benefits that make sense

If you’re looking for an amazing replication of natural flooring materials, laminate is a definite go-to for the job. Mimicking the appearances of solid hardwood, ceramic tile, and a variety of stone, you’re sure to find just the look for your own unique decor needs. With the immense level of variety available in these looks, there is truly something for everyone.
Modern laminate flooring in Waxhaw, NC from STS Floors

Built with durability in mind

Homeowners are always concerned about the durability of their flooring choice, as you certainly should be. The good news is that laminate was built with that specific quality in mind. Offering thick, stable boards and an easy installation system, you’ll find this product just makes sense. It can also help to even out previously uneven sections of flooring and can be installed over a variety of subfloor materials, with little preparation needed. The click and lock installation process means your installers will quickly finish the job, leaving you with gorgeous floors you can walk on as soon as the job is finished.

Laminate also offers a water-resistant option, making it a great material in kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. It isn’t entirely impervious to water or water damage, but this choice gives you more time to clean up a mess before it can do any harm.

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