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Professional flooring installation and why it’s so important

In this age of Pinterest hacks and YouTube tutorials, more and more homeowners are taking it upon themselves to do their own DIY flooring installation. While this is certainly commendable and entirely possible for those with a knack for handyman activities, we have to say that it isn’t always the best solution for your floors. As with any project in any setting, the fact is, things can and will go wrong. The biggest problem here is that you’re experimenting with a major life purchase, and something you’ve put a lot of research, effort, and money into. It’s not always worth taking the chance.

STS Floors offers an extensive line of floor coverings and services to assist our customers in finding the perfect floor covering. Since your complete satisfaction is our highest priority, we want to make sure you know all the aspects surrounding your own unique flooring project. Installation is a major part of that, and maybe the most important, so we want to make sure you are well aware of everything that’s possible, as well as everything that’s available to you, and the outcomes they can create.
Flooring installation  in Waxhaw, NC area from STS Floors

Flooring installation varies across materials

Some flooring materials make a DIY install much easier than others. For instance, laminate is one floor covering that many homeowners have successfully installed themselves, many times in the past. However, other materials should never be installed by anyone who doesn’t have a good deal of experience in the field. Not only do novice mistakes add up fast, costing far more money than you may have set aside in the budget, but it’s likely a novice doesn’t have all the necessary tools for the project. This can only make matters worse, especially for the inexperienced handyman.